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16 June 2020

The SUN is making an appearance again which means it’s time to fire up that BBQ!

We envisage sunny afternoons and lazy evenings cooking up yummy FEASTS fit for kings & queens in the garden.

Now remember the secret to GOOD food (and we're talking mouth watering) is the ingredients. This is the MOST important part of any BBQ so always start with the best!

We only use the highest quality products in our kitchen- sourced locally from trusted suppliers we've been in partnership with for many years. Our lamb is British and fish sustainably sourced.

We are now making these available to all keen BBQ enthusiasts. Either BUILD YOUR OWN BOX of ingredients or chose from one of our four BBQ BOX Specials.

Take a look at our delicious BBQ menu HERE and pay securely online or ring your nearest Spice Merchant Restaurant to order and pay at collection. 

A member of the team will be in touch to confirm your order details and delivery time. Your BBQ box can be delivered to your door or collected the FOLLOWING DAY (at the earliest).

Let us know which marinade & relishes you want and if there's anything else you'd like that isn't on our menu. Halal meat is available on request.

FREE DELIVERY for orders of £30 or more! Any delivery charges added onto online orders of £30 or more will be refunded on collection or delivery. 

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